Metro corridor near Dwarka stations getting risky for pedestrians

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 01, 2019

Metro corridor has become risky for people approaching Metro Stations due high speed vehicles movement in front of the stations. Metro users from the side of the residential pockets are having a tough time crossing the road to enter the station premises as the corridor is just touching the station and the vehicles on it are often in high speed. 

Sudeep Das resident of Sector 11 said, "The corridor is open and there is no speed limit on this. Vehicles use this passage on high speed and near the stations is very dangerous. I once fell down on the road in fear as a motor bike just crossed me near the station. It was a narrow escape. Since then I prefer rickshaw or auto to approach the station."

Stations like Sector 11, 12, 13 and 14 are affected due to high speed vehicles near the station. Mostly the either side of the corridor like gate number 2 side of the metro stations are more affected because on that side mostly there are residential pockets near the stations. 

Vikas Kumar a resident of Sector 13, who often commutes through metro said," Mostly the residents of our sector walk to take the metro. But as soon as we reach the corridor, we become alert as vehicles are often in high speed due to open wide road and less traffic. Near stations while crossing the road to approach the premises of the station is too risky as in that too vehicles do not bother for speed. I think there must be a speed limit near stations in corridor."

As people said one of factors of the high speed vehicles near Sector 13 and 14 stations is drinking in cars and cabs. They said that the drivers take liquor and drive fast in that particular stretch from Sector 13 to 14. Sunita Yadav a resident of Sector 14 said," I have seen people taking alcohol in cars and cabs in the area around Sector 14 Metro Station. They drink in parks, by lanes or any other isolated place. As there is a liquor shop in the area it easy for them to buy. This also has increased rash driving and high speed driving in the corridor."

Residents are demanding to fix a speed limit and also check and fine such vehicles driving at high speed making it a risky affair for the pedestrians approaching Metro Stations.

Traffic official said that the subject should be taken into consideration to do the needful.

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