Ghaziabad: Narrow escape for Crossings Republik resident in society elevator

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Posted: Aug 02, 2019

A 48-year-old resident of Supertech Livingston, high-rise in Crossings Republik township, had a narrow escape after the elevator which he boarded from the 8th floor, fell freely to the lower basement of a building of the society on Thursday. Fortunately, the resident onboard was not injured.

The incident happened around 10.30 am when the elevator had almost reached to the lower basement. The victim has been identified as Santosh Kumar.

"Everything was okay till the 3rd floor. After that, I felt that the elevator was trembling and moving downwards speedily. Within seconds, the elevator halted with a jolt and loud thud and its door opened. I rushed outside only to realise that I've landed into the lower basement and had just experienced a lift freefall," said Santosh Kumar while explaining the incident.

The video footage shows the impact of the freefall on the elevator.

While Tripathi did not receive any injury, he was quite shaken up. "Luckily, the height and impact of the fall was not big and none of its (elevator) parts fell over me after the lift hit the basement. But what would have had happened if the lift had fallen directly from the floor I boarded it? He asked.

Tripathi also said that he has raised the matter with the maintenance management and AOA of the society.

Tripathi also said that he has raised the matter to the maintenance management and AOA of the society. "AOA members spoke to the officials of the maintenance management, who in return assured that no such incident would not repeat in future. However, looking at the condition of the elevators, it’s hard to believe their words," Tripathi said.

Meanwhile, General Secretary of AOA, Somesh Tyagi said that a meeting with the maintenance management has been called on Saturday, and the AOA will raise their concerns. "We will check the matter and see what could be done in this regard," Tyagi said.

The condition of the lifts is in shambles. Malfunctioning and cleanliness are pertinent issues in the lifts. The residents while talking to CitySpidey complained that incidents like this are on rise in the residential societies.

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