Noida: Children mischief highlights poor quality of lifts in Supertech Capetown

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 02, 2019

In a weird incident, two kids of Supertech Capetown, a high rise residential society in Sector 74, Noida were trapped in an elevator for nearly 90 minutes.

They had entered the elevator from the 7th floor of the residential tower (CB-2). But, after a few seconds boys hit the lift door making the lift stop on the 4th floor as the door of the lift dismantled. Young boys remain trapped in the lift and were forced to wait for officials to evacuate them.

In the CCTV footage, one of the two kids is seen keeping the elevator open, as he waits for the second child. Soon the second child arrives and the duo press the button for downwards. Within a fraction of time, one of the kid kicks the door, resulting in the lift to stop.

The video shows that the moment the door of the elevator falls, its emergency breaks come into action, resulting it to stop abruptly.

Deepak Chaturvedi, father of one of the boy , told that he was not at home when his kids got trapped in the elevator. He said, "When I reached home from the office, both kids were frightened. They are yet to recover from the trauma they had gone through."

At the time of rescue, the kids were in major trauma. Soon the incident would become a lesson for their lifetime. But, they are not the only one to be blamed, poor quality and maintenance of lifts in the apartments is the main reason behind this incident. 

Naveen Dubey, a vigilant resident of the society said, "It is not the first time it has happened. Even senior citizens are afraid of using elevators. It should be maintained in a proper manner and safety of the residents must be the builder's priority. Any resident cannot use the elevator on their own."
While talking to the residents of the same tower where the incident happened most of them alleged that this lift has major technical problems from a long time and children mischief bought the durability of the lift in front of all of us.

When CitySpidey reached out to Rajesh Mishra, maintenance manager with society, he was not available.

In a similar incident, two children were trapped in a highrise elevator of Sikka Karmic Greens, after the steel cable snapped. They were rescued in 30 minutes.

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