Two women of La Residentia in Greater Noida get stuck in lift
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Two women of La Residentia in Greater Noida get stuck in lift

Not one or two but a series of incidents have occurred in La Residentia.

Two women of La Residentia in Greater Noida get stuck in lift

Lifts are considered as one of basic amenities for the people living in multi-story buildings for reaching their flats and coming down. However, lifts these days are not properly managed by the management. Sometimes this leads to a panic situation if one gets stuck in the lift.

Not one or two but a series of incidents have occurred in La Residentia, a high rise in Greater Noida. Residents have claimed that they have been several times when they were stuck in lift.

A resident said that on Friday morning two women got stuck in a lift installed in tower 4 of the building. One of the women alleged that they had no option even to raise an alarm so that someone could look after the issue and rescue them. “Women with couple of children took the lift in Tower 5 to go down but the lift got stuck in the middle. One of us noticed that the lift is not functioning for thelast few minutes and he informed the same to the management. Soon women and children were rescued,” said a resident on the condition of anonymity.

“As such incidents have become regular in the society, a sense of fear always engulfs the residents mind whenever they use the lift. If they notice something wrong they try to raise an alarm as quickly as possible,” the resident added.
Later CitySpidey was told that residents of different towers- towers 3, 5, 6, 9, 13, 17 etc have come across similar issues in the their buildings.

Sharad Pandey, who lives in Tower 13 of the society said that last week his wife along with his nine month old baby got stuck in the lift for over 20 minutes. “Continuous power fluctuation sometimes results in disturbance of the lift functioning. But what is the irony is that the management has not even introduced an automation system in lifts. If an automation system is introduced then automatic power supply will resume and we will not have to face such issues often,” Pandey stated.

Annoyed with such incidents happening frequently, residents claimed they have held a meeting among themselves to find out a solution to their problem. During the meeting, which took place last Sunday, a group of residents prepared a list of complaints made by the residents who faced trouble in the lifts. According to them, 65 incidents were reported in a week from July 22 to July 31 when residents got stuck in lifts in that particular tower.

“Earlier when residents had complained to the society developer, some work was done in couple of lifts. However, in may towers the situation still remains the same,” said Ashish Dube, another resident.

Residents remarked that it is very difficult to live in a multi-story building if the lift is not functioning properly. They also alleged that concerning government authorities are not taking the lift issue seriously. 

“There should have a proper monitoring of equipment used in lift. The management teams do not even bother to change the belt of lifts to save money. In a high rise building, it is very important that the management takes proper care of the lifts. Residents living on top floors get annoyed if the lift stops even for 5 minutes as they cannot afford to take stairs to reach their flat,” said Sumil Jalota, a resident of the society.