GreNO: CCTV footage examined in Arpit suicide case
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GreNO: CCTV footage examined in Arpit suicide case

How the boy reached the top of the building, remained a mystery.

GreNO: CCTV footage examined in Arpit suicide case

The suicide of 15-year-old Arpit Siwach, which was reported on Wednesday evening, is giving a tough time to Greater Noida police. On Friday a team of local police reached Panchsheel Greens, a 14-story residential building in Greater Noida West, where the incident occurred.

The police along with Arpit’s family checked CCTV footage and the rooftop of the building, from where Arpit had jumped. As per the sources, police have taken recordings of all the CCTV footage of the building, including the entry and exit gates, in its custody. However, when CitySpidey spoke to Ajay Kumar, SHO Kasna police station, he surprisingly denied to the information saying, “ No, we have not checked CCTV footage. No one went to check it.”

Talking to CitySpidey, Vijay Malik, one of Arpit's relative, told they have not filed any First Information Report (FIR), but a missing complaint in Kasna police station was filed earlier. The family of the deceased suspects that somebody knew Arpit in Panchsheel Greens, that is the reason why he had gone there.

"We have checked the footage, but not completely. Police have taken the recordings into their custody. Let see what comes out. But we are not ready to accept that the boy walked 25 km to commit suicide. We are trying to find out the reason,” said Malik.

Arpit's maternal uncle Malik also said that the boy was a bit reserved in his nature. He was excellent in sports and academics. He further remarked, “Arpit was also not allowed to keep a mobile phone. He hardly travelled without his family members.”

According to Malik, father of deceased, Naveen Siwach, a resident of Gurjinder Vihar, a residential town in Greater Noida, is a contractor with a private firm. “This kind of incident is not digestible, but we are not able to say anything at this stage,” Malik further added.

Sources said that on top of the building, police have found a paper of bill which the boy had received from a shop keeper for purchasing a bottle of cold drink and chips. How the boy reached the top of the building, remained a mystery from the police.

Arpit had committed suicide and police had revealed his identity, on the same day, on late Wednesday night.