200 Gurgaon schools gear up for eco duty
200 Gurgaon schools gear up for eco duty
Anil Manchanda
200 Gurgaon schools gear up for eco duty
200 Gurgaon schools gear up for eco duty

In view of the declining green cover and rising levels of pollution in Haryana, the Department of Environment has decided to form eco-clubs in the state to accelerate efforts to save ecology. Around 200 schools across Gurgaon will be part of this eco-club.

These eco-clubs will go a long way in keeping the students updated about the little-known facts about the depleting greenery and exhausting natural resources and will instil in them a sense of duty towards nature. Under the banner of the clubs, the students can carry out plantation drives from time to time.

Scientists from the Department of Environment will keep a watch over the activities of these clubs on a regular basis and will offer a helping hand whenever they need. The department has assigned two of its scientists – Dr RK Chauhan and Dr RS Sharma – with the responsibility of this programme.

Dr Chauhan told City Spidey that the sole objective of the programme is to save nature.

Outlining the programme, he said, “There are around 2,850 schools in the state’s 21 districts. Of these, 5,250 schools will have an eco-club each. Coming to Gurgaon, more than 200 schools will be a part of our save-nature programme. We have divided the city into zonal divisions for better inspection and training process.”

The department will provide saplings of rare plant species to these clubs for planting in the city. Even as the department will be carrying out its own plantation drive, members of these eco-clubs can play a vital role in the save-nature campaign.

Speaking about the response to such eco drives, SK Goyal, Director, Department of Environment, pointed out that RWAs, societies, schools and even MNCs no doubt embark upon plantation drives on occasions, such as the recent World Environment Day. But they forget about their duty towards the plants soon after. As a result the plants dry up due to lack of maintenance.

“The purpose of the eco-clubs is to keep a watch on the plants till they grow up to become trees by ensuring regular watering and their upkeep. These clubs would be the best medium to attain this goal and the students are the best bet to be involved in such activities,” he said.

However, when City Spidey asked some school managements about the programme, they denied receiving any direction. Nevertheless, they expressed keen interest in engaging their students such a project if the department of environment approaches them after the summer break.


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