How long can you wait at this bus stop?
How long can you wait at this bus stop?
Akhilesh Pandey
How long can you wait at this bus stop? Garbage scattered at the bus stop in front of Dwarkadheesh and Ashirvad apartments in Sector 12.
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey

How long can you wait at this bus stop?

If you take the bus to work every morning from a bus stop like the one shown above, you know how unpleasant those minutes spent at the stop are. Nothing is more off-putting in the mornings than having to bear the sight or the stench coming from a heap of garbage.

The above picture shows just one of the many spots in Dwarka where garbage can be seen scattered around. According to residents, poor methods of garbage disposal and its clearance from dumping spots over the last one month has become a nuisance. Garbage collected in a vacant piece of land, on the footpaths of master plan roads or in dustbins has become commonplace. The dustbins kept outside many societies are full but are in a state of neglect due to the lackadaisical approach of the civic authorities.

Saket Kumar, a resident of Gauri Ganesh Society, Sector 4, says, “It’s an irony that the sub city faces such a problem periodically. I have never seen a smooth clearance and lifting of garbage from Dwarka. South Delhi Municipal Corporation should think over the subject seriously and make the sub city clean.”

Some residents have, however, taken up the issue with the authority. Shyam Lal Langar, a resident of Green Tower Apartments, Sector 23, says, “In our sector, the condition is pathetic. When we took up the matter of irregularity in lifting of garbage, we came to know that they (SDMC) have insufficient number of trucks. So, SDMC should equip its system with enough number of trucks for our area. I also want to suggest that SDMC should provide full-body trucks in place of half-body trucks, which are being used in sectors 22 and 23.”

As many garbage dumping spots are near to society gates, bus stops or market premises, irregular and improper garbage lifting makes matters worse. Such places can easily be spotted near markets in sectors 6, 10, 4 and 12. Moreover some dumping spots are located about 10 feet from the bus stops.

MP Singh, a resident of Shubham Apartments, Sector 12, suggests, “Such spots near public places should be relocated by the SDMC. It will help improve the situation. If they put the dustbins in the service lanes, on footpaths, or near any bus stop, then it would be more problematic for the residents if garbage is not lifted everyday properly.”

On the subject, Mukesh Yadav, director, press information of SDMC, says, “Garbage is being lifted properly. But wherever the problem exists, the people concerned have been directed to do the needful as soon as possible.”