Resident Speak: Damaged footpaths reason of concern for Dwarka residents

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 05, 2019

On one hand civic agencies are claiming a safe pedestrian space in the city, on the other hand, the footpaths in front of residential societies are not safe for them. They are with missing drain covers and open manholes.

I would like to draw attention to one such footpath in front of our lane from Batuk Ji Apartments through Welcome Cooperative Group Housing Society (CGHS), and Balaji CGHS all Sector 3 has several areas where the drain covers are missing. The situation exists for a couple of years now. In the past, several senior citizens also got hurt because of these damaged footpaths.

Due to the unmaintained pedestrian path people have now started throwing garbage in that stretch. So far the civic bodies have failed to check the condition and clean it. With the ongoing monsoon season, these open manholes and broken drain covers can cause severe health issues and it should be covered properly as soon as possible.

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