The photo shows waterlogged gate of A-block, Sector 49.
Photo: City Spidey
Water woes of a different kind!

Posted: Jun 08, 2016     By Avishek Dubey

While most parts of Noida are reeling under a shortage of water this summer, Sector 49 is facing the problem of wastage of water. As the water pipe line in the sector bursts, gallons of water is being wasted.

According to residents, during mornings and evenings, when the water supply pressure is high, lanes get flooded. Due to the leakage, pressure of water in houses of A-block of the sector is extremely low. It has been about 15 days of water going into waste but nothing has been done to solve the problem.

Hashim Ali, a RWA member and representative of A-block, told City Spidey, “Water is leaking from the broken pipe line for the last 15 days. I made several complaints to the civic authorities through the Clean Noida App of the Noida Authority but to no avail.”

Ali added that a similar problem had surfaced about a month ago and officials from Noida Authority had rectified it. But just after 15 days, the same problem has recurred. And this time, the intensity is greater. The residents want a permanent solution to this problem now.

SK Srivastav, project engineer of Jal Division, Noida Authority, said, “I am aware of the problem and it will be fixed in a day or two. The pipe line has burst as it was quite old.”


Photo shows the waterlogged service lane outside A-block, Sector 49.

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