People across Delhi-NCR rejoice after govt scraps Article 370
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People across Delhi-NCR rejoice after govt scraps Article 370

People were seen dancing to the beats of music and drums, while others distributed sweets to express their feeling.

People across Delhi-NCR rejoice after govt scraps Article 370

The Rajya Sabha on Monday revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by scrapping provisions of Article 370 of the Constitution.

As the Home Minister made the announcement in the Parliament's Upper House, people, especially the Kashmiri Pandit's in parts of the country rejoiced with the decision. A similar scenario was witnessed in Delhi NCR region, where members of various housing society celebrated the historical day with great fervour and enthusiasm.

People were seen dancing to the beats of music and drums, while others distributed sweets to express their feeling. CitySpidey reached out to the residents across Delhi-NCR region, here is what they had to say.


 "A move long overdue. The historical blunder has been corrected. A very bold decision for integrity and unity of India. As a proud Indian citizen, and an army veteran a Kashmiri Pandit, I feel liberated. While families and children of the Kashmiri leaders had the best of education in India or abroad, while the masses indoctrinated to do stone-pelting. Article 370 and Article 15(A) was manipulated for their personal gains. The scrapping will open doors for massive investment leading to industries being set up, giving employment and prosperity. Educational institutions will spur better opportunities," said Brig(Retd) Ashok Hak.

Greater Noida:

 "Late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave a popular slogan for dialogue on Kashmir which has always been used frequently in context of J&K politics 'Insniyat, Jamhuriyat and Kashmiriyat.' But unfortunately, real democracy or jamhuriyat wasn't their at all in J&K. Article 370 was a dark spot and made the mocrey of Indian constitution and its values.
Only 3 families took turns to loot the state and act as uncrowned ruler of J&K. With this bold and courageous move of the Modi government, now we can expect real democracy to get strengthen in J&K which will further help the state in healing, in a progressive manner, said" Sharad Pandey, resident of La Residentia in Greater Noida.

"I feel Article 370 reworked is a great win for Indian citizen now in J&K development will good. Lots of opportunities will be there for Kashmiri Youths. We find celebration everywhere in the whole country and we also celebrate this historical moment with sweets and slogans like, 'Bharat Mata Ki Jay and Vande Matram,' Sumit Saxena.  


 "The central government's decision to abrogate Article 370 is a long due matter. However, it is better than never, we welcome the decision. It is time now to change those policies. Just like the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh have a stake in the rest of India, the rest of India and vice-a-versa, said" Col(Retd) SP Saini.

 "As a Nation lover, we do respect the move by the center government over the removal of Article 370. It may bring a bright era for the residents and migrants of Kashmir. Though the Kashmir is in a sensitive zone, we hope our government will handle the situation of law and order in the region, we also have full faith in our security forces. In the current situation, peace should be the topmost priority and each citizen should be united, said" Praveen Malik.


 "Scraping of Article 370 and Article 35A is a historic step by the NDA government. This should not be treated a win or loss by the people especially supporters of BJP and RSS. Let's wait for the reaction of Kashmiri native, Muslims, and Pakistan, along with other countries. It's time to keep patience and maintain peace, said" Ramesh Mumukshu, RTI Activist.

 "Removing article 370 is a landmark decision of the Indian government, which was much awaited. It has shown a strong will of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This will help in the normalising the condition in Kashmir. People of Kashmir will be benefited with the development, which was blocked because of this article. Some vested political parties were misusing this article for their own propaganda. Removing this article will bring rest people much closer to people of Kashmir and it will help in the normalising conditions in Kashmir," said Priya Prakash.


"This is a historical decision. Terrorism and anti-India sentiments will be finished there," Priyanka Rana, an RWA member of Aditya Mega City. 

"The presidential order has just removed the cover of Article 370, it was already hollowed by previous presidential orders. Only a sentimental matter or point of privilege remained with its cover which is off now. It would have been better if the government had put the Kashmiri in confidence prior to this move. It never happens in a democracy that in decision making, the one who is going to be impacted were devoid of the whole process and were cut off completely, said" Tejvir Singh of Aditya Mega City.