Spell of rain exposes Noida's preparedness for monsoon
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Spell of rain exposes Noida's preparedness for monsoon

Rains brought Noida city to a standstill for hours.

Spell of rain exposes Noida's preparedness for monsoon

A heavy down pour on Tuesday morning exposed monsoon preparedness by New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. There was ankle deep water on several roads in the city. Rains also brought the city to a standstill for hours.

Umesh Singh, an office goer said, "I got late for office, which is in Sector 63. I reside in a high rise residential society in Sector 75. The water had flooded  the main road near Sector 50 metro station. Due to this, the cab drivers were not ready to ride from the sector. I reached office almost half and an hour late today."

Commuters complained that the storm water drain was chocked due to which the water flooded the roads. As the official took less time to respond to the complain, it caused huge inconvenience to office goers.

Nilam Singh, another commuter complained, "It would have not been a problem for them if the authority would have cleaned the drains in advance. But they did it only when the water flooded the road."

Similar problems were reported from sectors like 62, 75, 121, and 137 where the drains were overflowing due to blockages. The rain and drain water was flooding on roads and also in green belts. SK Singh, a resident of Sector 121, complained that the authority has not cleaned the drains because of which the water is flooding the roads.

Another resident from Sector 137 said that sewer water is being flooded through irrigation drains passing through the sector. Nandani Srivastava, a resident of Sector 137 said, “Despite NGT imposing a fine of Rs 1 crore on Noida authority for flouting the norms, the authority has failed to initiate action to improve the mistake that it has been doing since long.”

Moreover, huge trees have fallen in several sectors causing huge inconvenience for residents and commuters. A full grown tree fell down in Sector 52 when it was raining. A fallen tree was also reported from Sector 53 and officials were deployed to initiate action to remove it.

Residents of Sector 75 complained that the authority did not repair the damaged stretch of road leading to their sector. Water is flooding it, which is now causing great inconvenience to them.