Noida: Residents of Supertech Capetown forced to live in dark

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 06, 2019

Residents of Supertech Capetown, a high rise residential society in Sector 74, Noida have been going through inconvenience due to long power cuts, which continued for the second consecutive day. The cuts occurred only in this society whereas other societies in the locality are being supplied power continuously.

The society is going through the problem due to faulty supply lines. Till the time report was being compiled, power supply had not been restored and electricians were deployed to mend the fault.

Krishna Kumar Sharma, Secretary of Apartment Owners Association, Supertech Capetown, said, "It is going to be 40 hours to disrupted power supply. Battery back up at individual homes exhausted. We are not able to charge our mobile phones. Milk, curd and vegetable are now rotten as the refrigerators are switched off."

Residents informed that supply disrupted on Monday early morning around 4:30 am. It took almost 12 hours to restore the supply as the internal supply cable got moist. Though, electricity resumed by late evening but another fault occurred in the supply lines, which is outside the society.

Residents also informed officer of PVVNL, the power distribution corporation and urged that the problems should be solved. Krishna said, "According to officials, there should be an alternate cable to manage such kind of crisis. This has to be arranged by the developer but he failed to do so." He also added, "An alternate cable was available but it was damaged as the developer might have used it in past. Due to this, all residents are suffering.''

This is a huge society housing approximately 4200 flats. It has power back up but all occupants could not be supplied power from it due to its insufficient capacity. Krishna said, "Around a thousands residents have been supplied power from the back up. The remaining residents have installed battery inverters to manage such supply crisis or they depend only on the supply from the main lines.''

He said, "Though the developer has deployed electricians for repairing the damaged cable but we are not sure weather the supply will resume today or not."

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