GreNo: Authority slaps 8L fine on Saya Homes builder after road caves in

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 07, 2019

Hours of rain resulted in flooded roads in most of the parts of Greater Noida. Even the well-planned areas, including the residential buildings and other commercial establishments, failed to withstand the heavy downpour.

In Greater Noida West, a major accident was averted when a large portion of the service road near an under-construction mall caved in. The Greater Noida Authority has imposed a fine of Rs 8 lakh on the Saya Homes builder and has also filed a complaint in this regard on Tuesday.

Residents alleged poor planning of service roads lead to such a situation within even with a couple of hours rain. "We are worried about what will happen if it rains for three-four days continuously. With the current situation, I have no doubt that the entire Greater Noida West area will face a bad time if it rains continuously for more than three days. When the road collapsed, the authority fined the Saya Homes builder, but what did they check during the construction of the road? This kind of situation is posing serious questions on Greater Noida Authority," said Mihir Kumar, a resident of Greater Noida West.

On the other hand, a large number of commuters in Gautam Buddha Nagar had to wait in long hours of traffic jams in several parts of the district. Retired Army official, Pradeep Mitra, who lives in a highrise in Greater Noida West said, "I had to go to Gurugram for a defense meeting but I got stuck in traffic for three hours. Government agencies say the Greater Noida is developing like world class city. Is this the world-class city when even a couple of hours of rain blocks the movement of the people?"

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