Resident Speak: I am happy that now I will get all my rights back

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Posted: Aug 07, 2019

Truthfully, I got to know through the news about my birthplace Jammu and Kashmir, which I along with my family was forced to leave in 1990. Now, am grownup and living a happy life with my life. I heard the union government is going to take some major decision regarding J & K. I watched the debate in the Parliament, read the news waited with curiosity. Finally it was made clear that the resolution of revoking Article 370, which grants especial status to J & K, was passed.

Its not important only because I got rights of my birthplace but more important as it happened on my Birthday Day - August 5. This development made me recall my childhood in Kashmir, where I lived with my parents and three siblings for 10 years. One day we were forced to leave our home. I get emotional recalling my home, my sisters, my parents, my schools friends, neighbours and many more thoughts go swirling in my mind.

I still remember how we would watch Ramayana on TV and most often people used to cut power supply so that we could not watch the show. Me and my three sisters were not allowed to go out without our parents because situation was fearful and anything could happened at any time. Only we could trust was the Army and few neighbours.

The situation worsened day by day and when we grew up my parents decided to leave the place and we shifted to Jammu then. I got my dream gift from the government of India on my birthday which is no less than a dream come true.

I am happy now, I will get all my rights back that I was deprived of after my marriage to a non-Kashmiri. Being a Kashmiri Pandit I am relieved with this decision that our identity, culture and symbols of heritage will be back again.

I thank the government of India and the Prime Minister of our country from the corner of my heart. It was a historic day that I was waiting for.

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