Noida accident victim urges cops to take measuring steps

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 07, 2019

A resident of Parsvnath Prestige, a high rise residential society in Sector 93 A recently met with a car accident at a blind cut near Sector 108 police outpost. Though the victim escaped without any major injuries, his car got damaged. 

Pankaj Dwivedi, the victim, after escaping the accident alleged that his car was hit by another car at the cut on the road near Sector 108 police outpost, while he was heading to Sector 18 from his society.  He said, "Another commuter, driving his car, was coming towards the main road from the link road. He did not slow down the speed of his car on reaching the blind cut, and hit my car. As  both the vehicles were in high speed, they collided at the cut.'' 

"Due to the height of the divider on the road we could not see each other's vehicle and this was the major reason because of which the accident took place," Dwivedi added. 

The victim complained that his accident was not the only one, but several others had taken place in past. The traffic on cut is not being monitored by the police, even the area is not equipped with a traffic light. 

Dwivedi said, "I don't want such accidents to happen with others. The possibility of a accident on this cut can be avoided if the concerning authorities take up measuring steps. Police should initiate some measures to stop such accidents on this route, as this is a busy route, which residents from all societies in Sector 93 and 93 A use to travel from their sector  to other areas."

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