GreNo: Water leakage issue troubling Stellar MI Citihomes residents

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 07, 2019

Residents of Stellar MI Citihomes, Omicron 3, complained about water leakage in their society basement, which is posing a potential threat to the building's foundation.

From the past three years, the residents have been continuously facing this issue. During this period, they have made several complaints with the builder stating their issues. "There is no response from Stellar on water leakage problem in the basement area," residents alleged.

In a written complaint made to the builder, residents claimed that there was severe water leakage in the building basement.

"There is water leakage in building basement from all towers. This is very dangerous for the society's building. We have informed Stellar last year also, but no corrective action has been taken till now. On daily basis, we are hearing the news of buildings collapsing across Delhi-NCR. Is Stellar also waiting to collapse," read the complaint.

One of the residents, on the condition of anonymity, said, "Due to poor construction quality, the building usually fails the parameters of the civil structure, which results in water leakage and other issues."

The resident further added that the seepage repair works would cost a lot if initiated.

When CitySpidey spoke to a facility management representative of the society, he said on the condition of anonymity that a team sent by the builder has started installing trays underneath the extension joints. These trays will collect the leaking water and later, would be drained through drainage pipes. The team is also assigned to fix the holes and cracks in the building.

However, the residents claimed that the solution is temporary.

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