Residents of Greater Noida West get a police chowki
Residents of Greater Noida West get a police chowki
Praveen Dwivedi
Residents of Greater Noida West get a police chowki
Photo: CitySpidey
Residents of Greater Noida West get a police chowki

Residents of Greater Noida West on Wednesday got a much needed police chowki in their area, which they have been demanding from the last several months. The new police chowki, which is established at Gaur City, a residential township in Greater Noida West was made operational from Wednesday.

In the wake of rising number of thefts and snatching incidents in Gaur City and other residential societies located nearby, the residents had requested the district police and district administration to establish a police chowki. Manish Kumar, a resident of Arihant Arden, said, “The development will help the people living in and around the 30-40 multi-story societies. At least, people can easily reach out to the police in case they need.”

The Superintendent of Police (SSP), Gautam Buddh Nagar, Vaibhav Krishna inaugurated the new chowki which has one common hall, one room for chowki in-charge along with two separate bathrooms for men and women.

Residents were also of the view that we at high rises have various challenges of law and order, like most of the flats are given on rent and getting a tenant police verification was a tedious task because there was no police chowki in the proximity. Similar was the case of getting police verification of maids and servants.

“Having a dedicated police chowki will ease and speed up the verification process and shall be deterrent to anti social elements. Also, it will be a deterrent to petty crimes like chain, mobile snatching and late night drunken hooliganism,” said Tanmay Tyagi, a resident of Divyansh Flora.

The newly setup police chowki, however, was constructed in green belt area over which many residents have raised a question on it. Amit Sharma, who had earlier complained to Greater Noida Authority to know how police chowki was constructed in green belt area , said, “I have no problem with police chowki but my question is that how the authority allowed construction of the building on green belt area whereas its own rules said that green belt area can not be of use for any other purpose. I am worried that in future other buildings will also be established there.”

When CitySpidey sought a reply on this controversy, Manoj Pathak, SHO Bishrakh under whom the new police station will operate said, “It has been established with prior permission from the Greater Nodia Authority.”

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