Gurugram: Ramprastha City residents complain about illegal power disconnection
Gurugram: Ramprastha City residents complain about illegal power disconnection
Akanksha Gupta
Gurugram: Ramprastha City residents complain about illegal power disconnection
Photo: CitySpidey

Gurugram: Ramprastha City residents complain about illegal power disconnection

Gaurav Kumar Hada, a resident of Edge Tower of Ramprastha City- a high rise township in sector 37 D, Gurugram, had not imagined that asking for their rights would land him and other flat owners in so much trouble that their electricity connection would be disconnected.

The residents informed that the management of Ramprastha City on Tuesday morning abruptly disconnected the electricity connection of four flats of the Edge Tower without giving any reason. 

Hada informed that he moved to the society last year in the month of November and had already paid maintenance advance for 6 months. However, when he did not get the basic amenities that was promised to him at the time of purchasing the flat, he silently protested by putting up a banner against the builder in his balcony which irked the builder.  

"The management harassed us by disconnecting our electricity. We went to the police station to file a complaint against the builder for not letting us live peacefully but they did not pay any heed to our problem and even misbehaved with us," Gaurav said. 

They informed that tariff calculation and recharge mechanism is based on cloud, which is managed by a private company with no regulatory compliance. Possibility of error, miscalculation and manipulation possibilities are very high.

The matter got temporary resolved after the intervention of DTCP and we got our electricity connection by evening. There is no transparency in accounts by the management and when we demanded the audit report they threatened us and targeted us," he said.

The residents have pointed out that the builder doesn't listen to their problems. "Despite balance in our electricity meter, electricity gets disconnected due to which we cannot complete our household chores. The society cannot disconnect essential services without prior notice to the members,” said a resident on the condition of anonymity. The resident further said that due to electricity disconnection they cannot use electric appliances. 

The residents informed that the quality of electricity connection is poor with frequent power cuts, violent power fluctuations and surcharges. Sachin Kumar, executive member of Ramprastha City RWA said, "We have time and again tried to reach out to the builder to resolve our issues but they are not ready to sit on the table. The builder has provided us commercial electricity connection due to which power fluctuation, outage is a common problem. There are lots of discrepancies in the management and we are forced to pay higher maintenance fee for the services which are not even provided to us.”

CitySpidey could not reach out to the facility management of Ramprastha City even after trying repeatedly.