Dwarka: Green areas being concretised for parking
Dwarka: Green areas being concretised for parking
Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka: Green areas being concretised for parking
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Dwarka: Green areas being concretised for parking

Parking woes have taken a dangerous turn in Dwarka. In an attempt to make footpaths easily accessible for parking, the adjacent green spaces are being developed into pucca surface to make a ramp. Most of the internal lanes of  various sectors of Dwarka are being concretised. In Sectors 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 22, 23 green stretches have now turned into concrete barren lands. Not only societies but schools can also be seen doing such practice. They are converting footpaths into parking and making a ramp through concretising green patch.

On the stretch along road number 201 green areas adjacent to residential stretches have been converted into concrete patches and vehicles can be seen parked on the footpaths. The road falls between sector 2 and sector 6 of Dwarka city. The remains of grass can be seen in these stretches which proves that the area which was once green is now cemented.

Commenting on the trend of using footpaths as parking and cementing the green space, Rejimon CK from Dwarka Forum said, “Such trend is very sad for the city. It should be checked as soon as possible by the authorities. I have written several letters to the concerned authorities on the subject of footpaths, roads and green areas but nothing effective has been done yet. Such concretisation has used up the rainwater harvesting space.”

Call it an ignorant approach of the DDA, or lack of parking space in the city, concretising green area will not only take away public space but also destroy greenery of the city.  “Without connivance with the authority, such things are not possible. Are they not aware that these things ultimately affect our environment? After seeing those stretches, anyone can say that the plants or trees were either cut or have become dry due to the cementing. Are people unaware that if such things continue then the whole green space would be converted into a cemented patch?” said Ramesh Mumukshu, an RTI activist of Dwarka.

An environment activist and resident of Sector 23 Dwarka, Diwan Singh said, “I have seen the stretches and this is sheer negligence on the part of authority and community. It is always said that a man destroys nature for his greed and this what is happening here. Everything has been concretised leaving little for soil and underground ecology to breath. It is my appeal to all to stop such practices.”

On the subject, DDA horticulture officials said that they will take this into concern and do the needful.

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