Vacant plot in Dwarka sector 10 becomes nuisance for society

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 08, 2019

A vacant plot adjacent to HMM Apartments in Sector 10, Dwarka, has become a nuisance for the society people. Wild bushes have grown in the plot owing to which mosquitoes, flies and other insects have made it as their home. It is also being used for dumping malba.

People said that the plot had been vacant for a long time and is creating a problem for the society since then. Secretary of the society MX Mathew said that the subject was raised to the area Councillor and Leader of the House, Kamaljeet Sehrawat . Mathew said that cleaning of the plot by cutting bushes and checking on practice of malba dumping could resolve the problem.

In the rainy season the situation becomes worse. There are chances of mosquito breeding and spread of vector borne diseases. Gulshan Malhotra a resident said, “Civic bodies are aware about the subject but they are not doing anything.”

According to officials, the vacant land is under the jurisdiction of DDA but the malba or garbage management is under South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). On the matter, Kamaljeet Sehrawat said that she would ask the officials to look into the matter. She also said that the matter would be sent to DDA for cleaning and maintenance of vacant plot.

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