Raj Nagar Extension: Meerut Bypass Road to become ‘town’s model road’

Photo: Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Aug 09, 2019

The Ghaziabad Development Authority is aiming to develop Meerut Bypass Road in Raj Nagar Extension as the model road of the town. In order to do that, the civic authority has carved out a plan to make the road encroachment free.

Kanchan Verma, vice-chairperson of GDA has pulled up officials over encroachments on both sides of the Meerut bypass. Junior engineers have been directed to take immediate action in this regard and also to ensure that the encroachers, mainly food and vegetable vendors, do not return. 

                                                                                          Caption: Traffic jam on the road during peak hours

"Officials have been directed to make public announcements asking violators to remove encroachment on their own. Moreover, they are required to prepare a list of people who have made permanent encroachments and initiate legal action against them, under the provisions of the UP Urban Planning and Development Act, 1972," Verma said.

Approx five-kilometer stretch of the road starting from Morti Tiraha to Raj Nagar Extension Chauraha is riddled with both types of encroachment, temporary as well as permanent. The encroachments are the main reason for the traffic jams in the area. The situation is grim at all the crossings of the Meerut Bypass Road. 

Apart from removing the encroachment, GDA has also planned to remove vehicles parked illegally or haphazardly on the road. GDA officials have been directed to coordinate with the traffic police and ensure their presence between 3 pm and 6 pm on the road every day. Two cranes have been given at their disposal to tow away illegally parked vehicles.

However, the other utilities to fight traffic congestion like putting up traffic signals at crossings is not in the plan. The 5 km stretch of the Meerut Bypass Road in the extension caters direct connectivity to more than a dozen high-rises and have three major interjunctions- KDP Roundabout, Ajnara Integrity cut and KW Srishti cut. The residents have been demanding to put up traffic lights keeping in mind the huge traffic flow during peak hours. Besides, there's no walkability plan for the residents living here. For even small shopping, residents have to take out their vehicles. 

"Removal of encroachment is fine but the traffic signal is also important to control the traffic in the area. As there is no signal or zebra crossings, the vehicles don't bother for slowing down near housing societies. I always have to be extremely cautious while stepping out or taking out my car from the society," said Kinshuk Ahuja, a resident of River Heights, a high-rise in the extension.

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