Drain covers weighing 100 kg stolen from Noida Shaheed Smarak

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 09, 2019

In a weird incident, a group of miscreants on Thursday midnight stole iron covers of a narrow drain passing through the main entry gate of Noida Shaheed Smarak in Sector 29.

According to Col(Retd) Mohender Kumar, Director Horticulture of Noida Shaheed Smarak Sanstha, thieves stole iron covers placed over a small drain passing along the boundary wall. He further said that the stolen iron covers were heavy in weight but the thieves managed to break them as the on-duty guard might have fallen asleep.

Kumar said, "We have filed a complaint with police post in Sector 29, informing the police about the theft. These grills approximately weighed 100kg and an individual could have never been able to do it alone. They might have brought rickshaws to carry the grills along."

Police have assured that appropriate action would be taken against the unidentified miscreants, Kumar further added.

With the old grills stolen, officials will now have to spend nearly Rs 20,000 to buy the new ones, as its absence will cause inconvenience to visitors.

This robbery highlights the current plight of law and order that exists in the city. It is not the first time that these grills were stolen from the main entry gate of the Smarak. Kumar said, "Around seven years ago, a set of grills were stolen from the same place. This happened because police have failed to initiate action against miscreants."

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