NEFOMA flags city mess in front of authorities

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 10, 2019

Noida Extention based flat owners’ association NEFOMA has put forth issues related to the existing problems in the city. The flagged pointers that included issues ranging from city infrastructure to an open garbage pit were raised by NEFOMA President Annu Khan in the presence of MP Dr Mahesh Sharma, MLA Pankaj Singh and CEO of Noida Authority Ritu Maheshwari. Khan also suggested a few solutions to the issues.

Khan said that badly damaged city roads become unsafe for commuters during the rainy season. He also told officials about the nuisance created by heavy traffic coming from Great Noida and other areas at Prithla Chowk and suggested that an underpass could solve the problem.

Khan also raised the issue of a pit dug near Prithla Chowk by Noida Authority for dumping garbage. He said that the large pit was not covered by the authority and it turns into a dangerous spot on rainy days. He mentioned that recently, a person died after accidentally falling into the pit which was filled with water at the time. Khan demanded that the pit should be filled up as soon as possible.

The officials and representatives present in the meeting assured to do the needful, Khan said.

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