RESIDENT SPEAK: Montoring of plantation is the need

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 11, 2019

Last year Minster of Housing and Urban development, LG, MP, councillors of the area and officials from DDA and South Delhi Municipal Corporation came to sector 5, Dwarka, on Vanmahotsav and planted 20000 saplings. However, no one is aware whether those plants have survived or not. Community people should be informed about the survival of those plants.

This year again LG came to Dwarka on the occasion of Vanmohtsav. Well, this is good as he is spreading the message of saving the environment and greenery. But what is the use of plantation if no one is keeping a check on previous year’s plants. It is wastage of resources. I personally feel that such plantation is just a formality.

Therefore, I request all the VIPs involved in such campaign that before carrying out a new plantation drive, they should visit previous year’s location where plantation was done. It is very important to keep a check on previous year’s plantation as it would give a boost to the campaign. Monitoring will also change the attitude of people towards saving our environment.

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