Some water bottles, bucket conserve monthly 4 lakh liters of water in highrise

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 12, 2019

In order to conserve water, Gaurav Mittal, a resident of Indirapuram based society, Mahagun Mansion Phase II, has derived a formula to conserve water without any expense.

Ideas proposed by Mittal are too easy and can be applied by every resident, be it a flat owner in a highrise or an individual household. He has used some water bottles and a bucket to save liters of water being wasted.

Watch the full video here:

The formula was implemented in all 264 flats of Mahagun Mansion Phase II a week ago. With this concept Mittal, General Secretary of AOA, and other residents are planning to conserve around four lakh liters of water every month. Three lakh liters of water is estimated to conserve from the RO system, while one lakh can be conserved by the cistern.

In Noida region, as per the CGWB, the average water table dropped to 24.13 meters in the year 2017 from 18.22 meters in the year 2013, while in Greater Noida region, it fell to 11.11 meters last year from 7.95 meters five years back.

Water scarcity is turning out to be a major challenge for the whole nation, especially for a developing nation like India, and small steps like this can help our future generations a lot. Such initiatives can also provide supporting help to the government in their fight against water scarcity. 

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