Resident Speak: Dump yard at sector 7 Dwarka irk residents

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 12, 2019

Dumping of garbage near Brahma Apartments Sector 7 has become a perennial issue as no authority is paying attention towards it.

The dumping ground has become an issue of concern for all the residents living in its vicinity, as they breathe the foul smell and live in such an unhygienic environment. Even the roadsides near the dump yard have turned into a dumping zone. Once the garbage had even caught fire. 

Condition is so much worse, that the pedestrians do not have any space to walk on roadsides as entire footpath remains covered in waste material. The condition at sector 7 tells the truth of the Municipal Corporation, how much they are working. During monsoon, the situation worsens as the waste rots and makes the area unable to access.

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