Residents' body of Delhi-NCR take measures for encroachment free footpaths

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 13, 2019

The umbrella residents' body of Delhi-NCR on Sunday proposed a slew of measures to keep footpaths in residential and commercial areas clear for pedestrians.

It was unanimously passed by all members of the confederation of residents welfare association of Delhi-NCR during a meeting held at Safdarjung Club on August 10, 2019.

P S Jain, president of the confederation said that encroachment free footpaths are not only a necessity but also makes a city look beautiful and civilised. There are many residents who take footpaths under their territory. They plant green grasses, flowers and develop ramps for taking their cars to their houses. Leave alone keeping the passage safe for pedestrians, they barricade the area meant for pedestrians. This is mostly done by well to do families despite knowing that encroaching footpaths is an offence.

Jain said, "This can be brought under control if registry papers mention that any permanent or temporary structure beyond the property area would be considered as an offence. This would deter them to encroach the footpath, which is public property and developed for pedestrians.”

The city looks good when footpaths are free from encroachment. But one can see many vendors in markets areas using footpaths for putting up their cart, thereby causing inconvenience to pedestrians. The confederation suggested that the local body such as a municipal corporation or development authority should take stern actions against those who encroach footpaths. Fine should be imposed on those encroaching footpaths.

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