Blooms Agro repackaging Amul milk, selling off as its own, Watch Video!

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 14, 2019

If you prefer beautifully packed organic milk then think twice before making the payment. You might be buying some normal plastic packed milk in different packaging, at much higher rates.  

A video is going viral within WhatsApp groups as well as on several social media pages of Raj Nagar Extension in which a Blooms Agro bottled milk seller is seen mixing Amul Gold with Amul Toned milk and filling it in glass bottles of his own company.

As per the reports, the man in the video runs a company that delivers door-to-door milk bottles, which are sold at much higher rates than the original Amul milk items.

Amul Gold is priced at Rs 54 a litre, whereas, the Toned milk, also known as Amul Taaza, is being sold at Rs 44 a litre. As per our sources, the Blooms Agro bottled milk is sold between Rs. 50 a litre.  

When CitySpidey approached the accused, he confessed that he did repackaging of branded milk in his own milk product.

However, he claimed that he did it after a set of customers pressurised him for delivery of extra milk. "It was Eid on Tuesday and milk supply was disturbed because of it. I received extra demand by a set of customers. As I didn't have milk. I bought the milk from the shops and delivered as my product," he said.

On the allegations of cheating made by his customers, he claimed that he did not adulterate the milk on a daily basis, just supplied other brands. "My customers knew that I brought milk of other brands," he claimed.

"I bought milk at 54 rs per but I supplied it at Rs 50 per litre. I incurred a loss of 4 rupees just because my customers insisted me to provide extra milk," he added.

However, when asked why he did not supply the milk packets directly to the customers, that too when the customers already knew about this thing, the accused did not give any clear answer.

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