Just in one week, road caves in again near DPS Indirapuram

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Posted: Aug 14, 2019

A week after a portion of the Mall Road was washed away in rain, now a lagre portion has been caved in at the same spot on Wednesday. This cave-in has occurred just in front of DPS Indirapuram which is barely few meters away from the spot. The latest incident has terrified the school authority.

“What if the cave-in gets bigger. The situation is jeopardazing the lives of more than thousands of chidren studying in the school. We are quite perturbed,” said said Vikas Sharma, administration head of the school.

The school authorities said that they have written numerous letters to Ghaziabad Development Authority(GDA) and office of District Magistrate in the past cautioning them of possible dangers due digging on a construction just opposite to the school.

On August 6, a part of the dug-up area of a builder’s project caved in front of DPS Indirapuram which damaged a portion of about 20-25 metres of the road including an adjacent drain.

“We have written numerous letters to GDA, registered our complaint on its (GDA) greivance cell but no action was taken till the previous (Aug 6 incident),” said Vikas.

After the incident of August 6, the road was barricaded and the residents were forced to use only one lane of the road for transit. They had to use Ahinsa Khand II locality for exit and for entry a road next to Shanti Gopal Hospital was used. This road connects to 32-34 highrises of the locality. Due to one way, residents had to face heavy traffic during peak hours.

Residents of Gaur Valerio, a highrise situated just next to the cave-in spot, will write a letter to GDA demanding an explanation from them. “It is because of their sheer negligence that we are facing problems in commuting. They are answerable to this,” said Rajiv Munshi, a resident of Gaur Valerio.

Alok Kumar, president of Federation of Apartments Owners Association commented that authorities took no action against the builder but were quick to lodge an FIR against the residents when they demonstrated their angst. “The GDA and other authorities should have lodged an FIR against the builder but they did not. However, they were quick to take action against the residents when they protested aginst the prevailing situation of the road which has been there since the last one year,” he told.

Kumar’s hint was directed towards a protest organised by the residents of Ahinsa Khand II in July. The residents had protested against dilapidated road and shoddy maintenance of the locality by GDA. However, following the protest, the police administration lodged an FIR against the residents.

After the incident of August 6, officials of the Ghaziabad Development Authority blamed the builder for this mishap. GDA had ordered the developer to iniate the repair work on the caved-in stretch. After the directions of the officials, the developer started putting up sand bags to plug the cavity. However, this measure could not prevent the road from another mishap for long.

Last year in July, a similar road cave-in took place at Vartalok society in Vasundhara due to erosion of earth from a builders’ project where a foundation pit was dug up.


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