Cabbie suffer head injury after newly constructed road in Indirapuram caves-in

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 14, 2019

This year's monsoon is highlighting all flaws in the road construction in Indirapuram region. At one location road in front of DPS Indirapuram collapsed for the second consecutive week, and on the other hand, a cabbie got injured after a newly built road caved in Ahinsa Khand II.

The incident took place during on Wednesday morning when the cab was passing through an approach road behind Shanti Gopal Hospital in Judges Enclave of Ahinsa Khand II. As the vehicle was plying, the road caved-in due to its weight and the vehicle got stuck in it.  During the incident, the driver suffered a head injury and the rear tyre of the vehicle got burst.

As per the residents, the incident happened around 3 am. However, the help to the cab driver arrived two hours later. “Around 5 am when I went out of my house to take a morning stroll, I saw a car stuck, in what seemed like a large and deep pothole. There were few men struggling to pull out the car. I called my neighbours and other men to help. And together we pulled out the car,” said Sudhir Jakholi, a resident of the locality.

The incident has occurred near a populated area, where half a dozen flats are situated. The residents, however, are in shock with the incident, as the road was constructed merely two months ago.

“This shows the poor quality of material used in construction by Ghaziabad Development Authority,” Jakholi said.

However, officials of the Ghaziabad Development Authority came on the site and covered the cavity with stones and iron grill. When asked how the incident happened, the official claimed that a broken chamber carrying kitchen waste led this mishap. “The water was flowing below the side of the road and eroded the soil beneath, which lead to this incident,” told the official.

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