Gurugram: Mapsko Casa Bella residents to live plastic free life on 15th August

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 14, 2019

Just when the entire nation is about to celebrate India's 73rd Independence Day with patriotic fervour, residents of Mapsko Casa Bella, a high rise residential society in sector 82, Gurugram, have decided to celebrate the occasion in different style.

To give away a message for environment conservation, the residents of Mapsko Casa Bella are doing their best to avoid using plastic on Independence Day. They are spreading the message of freedom from plastic and encouraging society people to live plastic free lives.

Dharamveer Singh, president of Mapsko Casa Bella RWA said, “Since people use plastic on a daily basis, therefore it is very difficult for them to change immediately but we are trying to make a difference in our society through our little initiative."

He informed, "As the festival season has already begun we have started this initiative with great vehemence and have encouraged people to join us. We have planned to use alternatives such as pattal, dona, steel plates, glasses etc. instead of disposable plastic in all our community events and activities."

The residents have welcomed the initiative and said such practice will surely encourage people to change their lifestyle gradually. Kamla Prasad, a resident of the society said, "We all make efforts and contribute our bit towards saving environment but when the whole community is involved then it really makes a big difference. Many a times after bhandara's, we have seen thermocol and plastic plates lying on the ground which causes choked drains. It is a good step and we all need to take responsibility for protecting our future generation."

The residents are circulating messages on social media group and encouraging to adopt eco-friendly lifestyle.

Apart of using alternatives for disposable plastic at community events, the green committee of RWA is also planning to provide cloth bags to all its vendors inside and outside the society premises. They are also urging people to use cloth bags or paper bag for purchasing anything. Shalini Kapoor, another resident of the society said, "Everyone is aware about harmful effects of plastic which causes land and water pollution. But in the absence of any alternative, people continue to opt for easy option. We want to inspire people and encourage them to choose more eco-friendly measure."


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