DPS Indirapuram road cave-in: FedAOA to send legal notice to GDA
DPS Indirapuram road cave-in: FedAOA to send legal notice to GDA
Ashish Srivastava
DPS Indirapuram road cave-in: FedAOA to send legal notice to GDA
Photo: CitySpidey

DPS Indirapuram road cave-in: FedAOA to send legal notice to GDA

In view of deteriorating state of the road, sewer and limited supply of Gangajal in Ahinsa Khand II area of Indirapuram, Federation of Apartments Owners Association (FedAOA) have decided to send a legal notice to Gaziabad Development Authority. The notice is being drafted and is expected to be sent to the civic authority by Monday. 

The move has come after an approach road of Ahinsa Khand II caved-in for the second time in a week, jeopardizing the lives of more than a thousand students of DPS Indirapuram and other commuters.

Alok Kumar, president of FedAOA said that the cave-in is a result of criminal negligence by the GDA in resolving the perennial issue of overflow of sewer water near the school. “Had they resolved the matter earlier, the sewer water would not have eroded the soil beneath the road and this mishap could have been averted,” he said.

Kumar further added that the lackadaisical attitude of the civic authority has forced the residents of Ahinsa Khand II to suffer for a long time. He also questioned the intention of GDA in resolving the issues of the area. “We doubt the intention of GDA to resolve the problem of Ahinsa Khand II. Looking at the cave-in incident, GDA should have lodged an FIR against the builder, but it did not. Similarly, there are problems rising in the societies due to the absence of a proper system for sewer disposal, but they are only delaying the solution,” Kumar said.

In the legal notice, FedAOA would seek a deadline from the civic authority to complete the development work which was started by the authority in 2017. The work was related to the development of sewer and Ganga Jal facility in Ahinsa Khand II, told Shaili Singh, a member of FedAOA. “Post that, we will move to court if the authority disappoints us yet again,” Singh added.

“Their (GDA) attitude has made the life of the inhabitants of this area no less than a hell. We feel like slum as we have no proper road to commute, no sewer connection, and many societies are yet to receive Gangajal supply from the authority,” Singh commented.

The FedAOA, had approached the NGT about the issue of choked and overflowing sewer lines in August 2017. A case was filed in the green court, citing the environmental impact of the overflow of untreated sewer water into the city’s stormwater drains.

For the last one year, the whole locality was in chaos due to the laying of sewer and water pipelines. The work of laying down of pipes is finished, but the residents are still suffering. While only a handful of societies are able to avail Gangajal, the GDA is yet to connect societies’ sewer line to the main sewer line. In the absence of the connections, the high-rises of the area are forced to make their own arrangements to dump the sewer they generate. Meanwhile, the constant digging to lay the pipelines forced the roads to remain in shambles. It led to huge traffic jams during peak hours and numerous road accidents as well.

CitySpidey reached out to OSD Sushil Chaubey and Executive Engineer RP Singh of GDA for the comments. However, they refused to comment on the matter.

The Chief Engineer, VN Singh, also refused to comment on the subject of the legal notice. However, he told that the overflow resulting in waterlogging of STP water near DPS will be resolved soon. “We have proposed another pipeline to carry STP water. The current pipe is unable to withhold the large flow which results in waterlogging near DPS. We are waiting for the state government to sanction our plans, the work will begin after that,” Singh said.