After serving on Indo-Tibetan border, Dr. RC Sharma devotes his life for needy

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 15, 2019

After serving paramilitary forces on Indo-Tibetan for 30 years and successfully handling critical cases, Dr R C Sharma decided to continue his medical practices serving civilians. He is now serving all those in need.

Dr Sharma, MBBS and an ex-Senior Chief Medical Officer with Indo-Tibetan Border Police joined Charitable Medical Service, a community initiative by residents of sector 19, Noida, which offers free consultancy to patients. The initiative is a combined effort of several residents and office bearers. It remains open on all days from 8. 30 am to 11.30 except Saturday. Dr Sharma offers his services to all patients fwhether they are from the sector or not.

The initiative was inaugurated on Thursday August 1, 2019 at ground floor of community centre sector 19, Noida. S S Rana -President, R C Gupta and OP Sharma - Vice Presidents, Laxmi Narain -General Secretary, Virender Gupta -Joint Secretary, Ramkumar Sharma -Treasurer and IS Gupta - Office Secretary, were present during inauguration of charitable medical service. The RWA extended infrastructure support for the services. It said that it would extend support for improving the services further. All may now enjoy this medical service without making payment for availing it.

Laxmi Narain said, "It would like to thank Dr Sharma for giving time every day serving residents from the community. It would be great help for needy, who can't afford quality medical service at a private hospital. They may come to avail it here in the community centre. They won't be charged here."

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