RESIDENT SPEAK: Vendors turn up in Noida's sector 108 market again
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RESIDENT SPEAK: Vendors turn up in Noida's sector 108 market again

Vendor's temporary arrangement creates congestion and causes immense inconvenience for the visitors.

RESIDENT SPEAK: Vendors turn up in Noida's sector 108 market again

Like any other busy market in Noida, the local market in Sector 108 is a convenient place for shopping. Residents from high rises and other parts of the sector visit this place on a daily basis. But they face a huge problem as the majority of the front side of the market area is occupied by local vendors.

These vendors run their businesses on handcarts and makeshift stalls placed on both sides of the space available in front of the market. Their temporary arrangement creates congestion and causes immense inconvenience for the visitors.

More than two weeks ago, the local administration had removed them forcefully, but they have again started to show up with their old arrangements. Shopkeepers fear to raise voice against them as they wrestle muscles against them and even had beaten them in the past. I think they are operating the business on roadsides in hand glove with local police and officers from enforcement cell of Noida Development Authority.

Moreover, a leader from a particular political party is also involved in this, as he has been supporting his partymen to put handcarts for such businesses. Things got worse as under the influence of the leader, these vendors allegedly got electricity connections from the power distribution corporation, which supplies the electricity in the city.

Though the Authority under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer is trying its best to remove such illegal encroachment from across Noida, these vendors usually start to show up in the marketplaces in 12-10 days of their removal. Such acts are hampering the image of the administration.

Closed food vans allegedly owned by the leader are standing in the Block-A of the market. Though they try to exhibit solidarity for the ruling party in the state, but they are involved in spoiling the image of the government. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanth should take cognizance of it and should direct its officials to act against the leader as well.

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