SDMC finds larva of mosquitoes in societies, offices and schools
SDMC finds larva of mosquitoes in societies, offices and schools
Akhilesh Pandey
SDMC finds larva of mosquitoes in societies, offices and schools
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SDMC finds larva of mosquitoes in societies, offices and schools

In its survey and inspection of mosquitos breeding in the city, South Delhi Municipal Corporation has found larvae at many places. They have found larvae in overhead water tanks in DDA pockets, water accumulated on roof tops of societies, construction sites, government offices and schools. The subject has been taken as a serious concern by the officials and they are planning to send notices followed by issuing challan.

Malaria Inspector Dwarka B Ward 38S Rohtash Singh said, “During inspection we have found larva on the rooftops of the societies as people have dumped waste materials there. At construction sites we have found larvae and issued challan too. We are putting anti larva medicine in those places and have asked people to keep a vigil on any type of waterlogging. We are also meeting RWAs in this regard. We have not started prosecution of societies yet it will be done if they do not follow the norms further. This time we are sensitising and making them aware.”

Rohtash further said that the survey and inspection has decreased the chances of mosquito breeding in the area. He said, “As per study and guidelines, virus of Dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases spread in July or during rainy season. Since waterlogging is a common problem during monsoons, therefore these viruses get many places to breed. So we are spraying medicine for controlling culax mosquito breeding.”

According to officials, mosquitoes are mainly born in overhead tanks, hidden places or water containers. They have issued advisory to cover the tanks and look for those places which are hidden and where water is accumulated.

“We are informing individuals and also RWA of different societies to ensure that the all overhead tanks are covered. If they don’t do so after our notice we will take action as per the DMC(Delhi Municipal Corporation) Act.”

RWAs and other resident bodies have welcomed the inspection and awareness done by Malaria team of SDMC. A resident of Sector 22 Rejimon CK said, “ This is a good initiative that the Malaria Inspector and his team are on survey and creating awareness. I support the fine or any such prosecution by SDMC if the tanks are not covered. This is a serious issue and community people and RWAs should follow the guidelines.”

Leader of the House South Delhi Municipal Corporation, Kamaljeet Sehrawat said, “Our officials are doing their job and we want that mosquito breeding does not take place. From sensitising the community to inspection, spraying and fogging all measures are being taken. I appeal to the people to support us in making the area free from any vector borne disease.”

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