Gurugram: Park View City-1 residents convert garbage into resource
Gurugram: Park View City-1 residents convert garbage into resource
Akanksha Gupta
Gurugram: Park View City-1 residents convert garbage into resource
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Gurugram: Park View City-1 residents convert garbage into resource

In a step towards building a greener society, residents of Park View City 1, a residential high rise in sector 48, have started the decentralized waste management in the society.

The RWA has joined hands with Green Bandhu, a city based solid waste management firm and NGO Saahas to successfully implement the project in the society.

The society has been recently recognised by the district administration for adopting best waste management practice in the city.

Anil Arora, Presidents of Park View City Condominium Association said, "Waste management is the need of an hour for which we have taken steps to implement in our society. We are happy that our society has been recognised as this will surely boost our morale to move forward with more motivation."

The resident informed that they initiated the campaign with the help of the NGO wherein they trained residents, domestic maids and helpers, facility staff about the importance of waste management and how to store waste in separate bins.

They have provided three different colours bins i.e. Green for wet waste, Blue for recycle waste and Red for Hazardous waste at every tower.

The residents have started the waste segregation at the source level. Kapil Sharma, "We are happy that people have understood its importance and started segregation at their home. We collect wet waste from door-to-door and then dry out all the moisture from the waste in a compost unit. After drying the waste, we cart it out into 20 pits for natural composting. It takes nearly 25-30 days to complete the process. Besides putting up the three bins at all the towers, we have also made an arrangement for E-waste at the estate office."

The RWA are planning to use the manure for its 8 acres green covers in the society and are also in talk with the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram to sell them. "Our volunteers visited every household to educate them about the harmful effect of mixing waste. Around 60-70 percent waste generated in household is kitchen waste and why should we dump garbage when we can easily convert it in a compost. We are planning to use the compost for green covers and sell it to residents for their individual usage. The MCG has also shown interest in buying manure as well," Arora said.

According to the residents, The Park View City-1 has 516 flats and around 3000 families reside in the society. The residents have welcomed the decision and are religiously following the instruction especially the children who are very excited to be part of the initiative. Sunita Soni, a resident of the society said, "It is a positive step and it will surely help in reducing the garbage dump that has become a nuisance for the citizens. We are segregating waste in our home and glad that our little contribution will help in building a greener city."


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