What makes Ahinsa Khand II most expensive slum of Indirapuram?
What makes Ahinsa Khand II most expensive slum of Indirapuram?
Shalabh Saxena & Sanjeev Sharma
What makes Ahinsa Khand II most expensive slum of Indirapuram?
Photo: CitySpidey

What makes Ahinsa Khand II most expensive slum of Indirapuram?

Welcome to the most expensive SLUM of Indirapuram, you may get surprised to hear this but this is an unpleasant fact especially since the last 16-24 months. You may start your roller coaster journey from DPS Indirapuram and travel across so called Mall Road in front of Gaur Valerio, Rishabh Paradise, Arihant Harmony,GC Centrum, Raison Armor Homes, Niho Mall, Ashiana Green, Vijaya Apartment extending till Shanti Gopal Hospital. While walking across all these societies you will find road dug off at many places, drains full of plastic cups and bags, trash lying on road side. The drains are full of trash for which we all are responsible, but it is mainly because of hawkers who are allowed to occupy both sides of the road. There are societies which have blocked drains with sand bag to prevent water from flowing across their society which leads to overflowing of dirty water in front of adjacent society.

Last time I saw roads getting cleaned was during Loksabha Election. The roads which were dug were paved due to the fear of vote. The day the elections were over, digging was recommended again. The department looking after sewer, water supply and electricity have no time to talk to each other. Every now and then one or the other department starts digging. The road is paved after a particular department is done with their work, however the other department digs again. The condition has been there for more than a year.

Though the area is said to be a posh area having many costly housing societies, but it hardly looks like. I am pretty sure that people who visit the area will relate to Dharavi slums seen in Bollywood movies. I have never ever seen any vehicle collecting trash from road sides. People throw their domestic garbage on road side or road dividers.

Moreover, encroachments in this area are also creating problems. Numerous shops and vendors have cropped up on the main road. Now vendors are occupying the whole road. As a result vehicles cannot move smoothly and also no space is left for street walkers. Apart from causing traffic disruptions, it causes great discomfort to women, men and children. During festive season several people come for shopping who park their vehicles on main road. One can see traffic jam in those days because of parked vehicles and roadside vendors.

This locality houses more than 100 high-rise residential buildings and daily disposal of solid waste is a major issue. There have been several times when garbage had caused fire resulting in smog and poor visibility. Because of daily disposal of solid waste, we can't open our doors for fresh air. We can't move or walk on our roads as when the breeze blows from the dump yard site, it carries the stench with it. So we find our normal daily life being impacted.

Why does a dump yard have to be located so close to our residential area? This dumping ground has put the lives of all the Indirapuram residents at risk.

If these conditions continue, property rates in this locality will come down.

It’s my humble request to the administration to look into the matter.

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