Poorly constructed speed breakers on service lanes irks Dwarka residents
Poorly constructed speed breakers on service lanes irks Dwarka residents
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Poorly constructed speed breakers on service lanes irks Dwarka residents
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Poorly constructed speed breakers on service lanes irks Dwarka residents

Dwarka is said to the most planned sub city of DDA but when you see speed breakers on the roads you will be surprised that the breakers are not properly constructed causing a sudden bump and discomfort to commuters travelling by four wheeler or two wheeler.

The breakers in the service lanes along the master plan roads are irksome and are constructed with no standard measures. Construction of speed breakers in service lanes has become a culture these days in the city. They can be seen in front of many societies. Everyday a new speed breaker can be seen in service lanes at new places. With so many speed breakers in service lanes across the city, it looks like that the service lanes have now become the speed breaker lane.

A social activist and resident of sector 12, Ravi Verma said, “If the stretch is of 50 metre and there are five societies, you can find five speed breakers having very odd measurement and constructed in a haphazard manner causing difficulties in commuting.” As far as the speed breakers are concerned, the situation is pathetic in every sector.

In service lane of sector 2 from Rishikul International School towards the red light of sector 6/7, there are speed breakers near almost all the societies and the condition of the service lane is very bad due to speed breakers. So is the case in service lane of sector 5 and sector 12. Seema Singh a resident of sector 6 said, “Actually people think that the speed breakers will help in keeping the service lane safe hence they construct it. They want the speed breakers to be constructed immediately so they construct themselves without even informing the community.”

Vishal Gupta a resident of Lovely home Apartments, sector 5 says, “Though technically and according to law the practice is wrong, but everyone wants safety on roads so they construct on their own. RWAs or managing committees who make such speed breakers in front of their societies on service lanes should actually construct them near their society’s gate so that people can control the speed of their vehicles. This would be more helpful than breakers on service lanes.”

Not only the breakers on service lanes, but the speed breakers on master plan roads which have been constructed by the authorities are not visible as there is no marking on them despite the rules. Commuters can get a bump even if they are commuting at a normal speed.

The breaker near red light of sector 6, 10, 11 and 5, DDA nursery, Akshardham Apartments near Kargil Chowk, Ashirvad Chowk on Road No 202 are examples of such beakers. “ It is highly dangerous. I have felt a sudden bump many times as these speed breakers are not visible. There is no marking on breakers. Police and DDA both should do marking on those breakers which are on master plan roads,” says Sanjeev Das a resident of sector 10.

According to officials, construction of speed breakers is only permitted outside schools hospitals and other strategic locations with their height no more than 10 cm. However, one can see speed breakers in service lanes having very erratic measurement.

One of the traffic officials said to take the subject into concern.