Vasundhra: SG Impressions residents living in fear of structural collapse
Vasundhra: SG Impressions residents living in fear of structural collapse
Ashish Srivastava
Vasundhra: SG Impressions residents living in fear of structural collapse
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Vasundhra: SG Impressions residents living in fear of structural collapse

The residents of SG Impressions, a housing society in Vasundhara are living in fear of structural collapse of the building they are residing in. Their fear spiked when recently a garter of a sixth-floor balcony got separated from the cement. 

As a temporary solution to this problem, the RWA has installed two iron poles to support the garter, and prevent it as well as other balconies just below it from falling. The condition has left all the residents in despair, as the whole society is experiencing such flaws. 

More than a dozen flats in one of the towers of the society have their balconies in an utter dilapidated state. The RWA has asked the residents to avoid using their balconies. The condition has jeopardised the lives of the inhabitants residing and passing through the area, as it could fall any moment. 

"We have cordoned off the area around that tower and renovation works have begun," said RWA President, KK Sharma. 

Citing the emergency, the RWA collected the funds and have started the renovation of the outer facade. “We are spending 40 lakhs for their (balconies) renovation. The amount is huge, which the residents are forced to pay for the developers' fault. In fact, it is an addition to the cost of their flats they bought years ago,” Sharma added.

As per RWA, such infrastructure issues have become a common sight. “We deal with similar issues on a daily basis. It’s frustrating as well as unfortunate for all of us (residents),” said NH Bhatia, treasurer of the RWA.

Recently, the RWA was forced to shut down the swimming pool as its water was seeping into the basement. "the seepage was affecting the columns of the foundation. To prevent the damage, we had to shut it (swimming pool),” Sharma said. Following the decision, the RWA had to face the resentment of the residents. “We received a lot of flak from the residents. But their anger is justified as they have paid for the facility, but because of the poor infrastructure, they are barred to use it," Sharma added.

However, this measure did not end their problem as the rainwater was filled in the pool, which led to the same issue and resulted in water leakage in the basement. 

Behind these issues of infrastructure, the RWA blamed the callousness of the developer. They alleged that the builder has used inferior quality of construction materials and the building's faulty designs have led to the present circumstances. The society was developed a decade ago and the RWA took over the maintenance in 2011.

“Till date, we have not been provided neither the structural drawing nor the layout. We are clueless about what and where went wrong. We just act as per the appearance of the problem. In the absence of the drawings, we can't make out a plan to overhaul the infrastructure. We have no idea about what component works for what objective,” commented Bhatia.

The RWA also said that the developer and the civic authorities were not concerned about their issues. “A few days ago, after many requests, the developer sent his representatives to check the state of infrastructure. However, there was no communication from his side after that,” Sharma informed.

The residents have approached multiple times, the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation and Housing Board of Ghaziabad, however, they received no help from that end. “One day, the buildings will fall and we would be buried under the debris, I hope after that the authorities would wake up,” said Sharma.