Raj Nagar Extn: KW Srishti reeling under severe power cut, spent Rs 5L so far

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Aug 20, 2019

In continuity for more than 48 hours, the residents of KW Srishti are put on the power back up, after the transformer failed to supply mainline power to the society. The issue started on Sunday afternoon around 12 pm. Soon, the transformer that was supplying mainline electricity to society also broke-down. Since then, the builder has failed to restore the mainline power and the backup power supply from the diesel generators. As per rough estimates, the supply has costed more than 5 lakhs to the residents so far. 

The current rates of the power backup is Rs 15 per unit, which is more than double the price of mainline power fixed at Rs 6.04 per unit. The electricity supply through power backup is burning a hole in the pockets of over 1300 families.

Meanwhile, due to the absence of the mainline power, around 60 percent roughly, of the total residents are unable to use their air conditioners as they are getting only 1kw (roughly), which is insufficient to run power-heavy machines. "Thanks to god, the weather is quite pleasant. Otherwise, we would have gone crazy," a resident said. 

While many feel that the weather is pleasant, there are few who wants to run their air conditioners, but they are unable to do it. "We can run AC, but can not afford to run on the power back up,” told a resident who has availed 3 kw of back power load. “We are forced to ditch AC,” the resident added.



Notably, the price of diesel has risen up by Rs 2.35 and petrol by 98 paise from Monday midnight after the state government of UP hiked Value Added Tax (VAT) applied on the two products.

The residents alleged the facility management, which is looked after by the developer, is deliberately causing a delay in restoring the mainline power. They said that the developer wants to earn profit from the margin in the rate of power back up charge. “More the time of running power back means more the margin they would earn,” a resident alleged.

While speaking with CitySpidey, the facility management said that the mainline power will be restored in a few hours. Meanwhile, they refuted all the allegations made by the residents. 

Sanjay Kesarwani, General Manager of the facility management said that the delay happened because the replacement transformer on rent is coming from Bahadurgarh, a district in Haryana. “Also, it took us time to detect what actual;y went wrong,” Kesarwani added.

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