Dwarka: Scoop your dog's poop, residents to pet owners
Dwarka: Scoop your dog's poop, residents to pet owners
Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka: Scoop your dog's poop, residents to pet owners Representative Image
Photo: Samrat Roy

Dwarka: Scoop your dog's poop, residents to pet owners

The DDA park of sector 6, Dwarka, which was meant for the general public is now popularly known as 'Kutta Park' (Dog Park), told a resident Ravi Saxena. But it is not his woe alone. The disgust of pet dogs defecating openly in DDA parks is shared by many other residents. One can excuse a stray dog, but what about pet owners who proudly take their unmuzzled pets in the outdoors and let them poop anywhere. 

Parks are not the only place, these owners let their pets poop anywhere on a roadside or even on a footpath, and don't care to clean it. It seems like they are not bothered by it. But, is their behaviour going to be the same when their pets poop at their residence? Saxena said, "Everyday morning walkers visit sector 6 DDA park, which is adjacent to DAV School, and encounter scores of pet owners letting their pets poop in almost all corners of the park. With every passing, their numbers are increasing. Nowadays, people come in their cars with their pets, and therefore the name, 'Kutta Park'."

In order to control the condition, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) have placed boards reading, 'dogs are not allowed in the parks'.  As per the rule, these dogs must have their muzzles on in these parks and their owners have to clean their poop. But, no one follows it.

A resident of Sector 11, Shalini Singh said, "Authorities should be strict for aggressive dogs as they roam openly without any muzzle or leash. If they go out of control, they can injure severely or even kill someone. 

In March 2018, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation had approved the proposal to issue an on-the-spot fine of Rs 500 for those who do not clean up their dog’s faeces. However, some pet owners requested the authorities to first make special parks for the dogs or poop-points where the owners can take their pets.