Noida: Residents of high-rises of sector 75 living in low standards
Noida: Residents of high-rises of sector 75 living in low standards
Mirah Zamin
Noida: Residents of high-rises of sector 75 living in low standards
Photo: CitySpidey

Noida: Residents of high-rises of sector 75 living in low standards

Residents of high-rises situated in Noida’s sector 75 have being constantly narrating their ordeal of living in the shiny apartments with not even bare minimum facilities, bad main road and no green belt.

For the residents the main road remains to be a much greater problem than the other issues since it connects them to the sector 50 metro station and other public transport facilities.

According to the residents, the Noida Authority had informed them that the particular road does not come under their jurisdiction and the builders were responsible to construct it.

“The situation has become worse in the last three years. Recently, school bus drivers had also refused to come at our apartment gate because of the swampy road,” a woman resident of Maxblis Grand Wellington said.

A resident talking to our reporter said, “We have approached the builder several times but neither he pays any heed nor does the authorities, how can they not be bothered about the well-being of their citizens, we have failed to understand.”

According to the residents the master plan was changed by the Noida Authorities without taking any consent of the owners in 2018.

The area has no constructed green belt as per the master plan. “We are breathing in a cloud of dust,” a resident of the locality said on being questioned.

“There are no external facility as promised by the builder. Roads are dilapidated, no street lights and drainage system,” said a resident of Dream Home.

The residents avoid being on the road at night as few cases of attempted chain-snatching have happened.

“We have no Resident Welfare Association (RWA) or Apartment Owner’s Association (AOA). Our respective builders have been managing the society with other consultants. It is because of this that no cognisance is being paid to our regular complaint,” another resident of Dream Home said.

“There have been incidents when paid cabs have denied us rides saying that the road is bad and they cannot come,” said Preeti, a resident.

She added that if somebody is sick and is needed to be taken to the hospital a longer route is taken which not only is time consuming but also wastage of resources.

“The garbage is collected from our houses but then dumped in front of any empty land that they find. The smell becomes unbearable at times because the garbage keeps lying there for a week,” Preeti’s husband said.

The residents of the area have been extensively writing on Twitter about the issues that they have been facing. While some issues have been resolved others are yet to be addressed.

“Our only hopes are now from the new CEO of Noida Authority. We have suffered a lot. At times residents even feel that they have put in their money at a wrong place,” a 60-year-old resident of an apartment told our reporter.

All call from the CitySpidey to the concerned builders regarding the matter were not answered.