Blocked pipe causes waterlogging in Gulmohar Residency flat
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Blocked pipe causes waterlogging in Gulmohar Residency flat

Panda lives on the ground floor in Indirapuram and has faced this issue for the fifth time in the last two months.

Blocked pipe causes waterlogging in Gulmohar Residency flat

A resident of Gulmohar Residency, a high-rise in Ahinsa Khand II, Indirapuram, is agitated because of water logging in his ground floor flat. He said that dirty water from washrooms of other floors enters his flat. It is a third time in a month that water has entered his flat. “This is the fifth time in the last two months that it has happened," complained SK Panda in an agitated tone.

The water enters his flat via balcony and washrooms. "There is blockage in the pipe which keeps happening from time to time. Due to the blockage, water cannot go down resulting in waterlogging in my flat," Panda claimed.

“The water is dirty. It stinks and can affect our health as well. Besides, it is damaging the wooden flooring of my flat as well," Panda further complained.

Panda said that he has raised the complaint several times but the maintenance management is apathetic towards resolving the issue permanently. "When I compmain, they send their plumber who clears the blockage but that doesn’t stop water coming to my flat. The same thing keeps repeating,” Panda complained.

Panda also said that he had paid 30 months of maintenance charge in advance but the builder is yet to provide him with basic facilities. "For the last many days, plumber is not available in the society during nights. What if this incident happens at night when we are asleep? By morning, our whole flat would become a dirty pond," he said.

"Cleanliness is a basic facility. This is what separates high-rises from slums. However, the builder has failed to provide this as well," Panda added.

CitySpidey tried to contact the builder and maintenance management of the society but they refused to comment on the story.