Dwarka Sec 14 residents living in fear of stray dogs
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Dwarka Sec 14 residents living in fear of stray dogs

Stray dogs can be found in neighbourhood parks and in many DDA pockets

Dwarka Sec 14 residents living in fear of stray dogs

Rupesh Sharma's, a resident of Radhika apartments at Sector 14 Dwarka, 8-year-old daughter was bitten by a stray dog on August 20, 2019. When he shared the same on the internal group of the society, he received several messages stating that about 20 such incidents have happened in the past. Residents are unhappy with people feeding stray dogs as it increases the dog population in the area, which further leads to such incidents.

To make dog feeders aware about various incidents of dog bites, the residents recently started a campaign in their society in which they pasted newspaper clippings showing that dog feeding should not make others uncomfortable. A resident said, “The number of dogs and dog bite cases are increasing in the society, therefore, measures should be taken to stop them.”

Scores of stray dogs can be found in neighbourhood parks. Children become victim of dog bites when they go out for playing in the parks during evening. One such incident happened last year when the 11-year-old son of Kesar Singh Sani, a resident of Radhika Apartments Sector 14, Dwarka, was bitten by a dog. Narrating about the incident, Sani said, “It happened when my son had gone out to the park in the evening. He was injured and was rushed to a nearby hospital."

"It took around one and a half months to recover. Stray dogs have increased in the area and the corporation is not concerned with it," Sani added.

In Dwarka, there are around 50 DDA pockets and scores of stray dogs can be seen in almost all the pockets. Parks near societies and DDA pockets are the areas where packs of dogs can be seen. They roam in parks in large numbers, putting lives of senior citizens, women, and children at risk. General Secretary of Federation of RWAs of Sector 9, MK Singh said, “Park number 3 and 4 in sector 9 are the areas where a number of dog bite cases have been reported. Around a month ago, a woman from Bhrigu Apartments Sector 9 was injured when she was bitten by a stray dog.

Residents of sector 6 said that such dog bites are common in neighbourhood parks. Pradeep Bansal a resident of Katyayani Apartments, Sector 6 told CitySpidey, “In the past few months, I have heard of 10-15 cases of dog bites. People who regularly visit the park behind our society asked me to count the number of dogs and share their photographs with the officials. I counted 60 dogs in that park. I blame the corporation for not doing anything in controlling dog bite cases. Because of authorities' callous attitude, the number of dogs in society is increasing.

Bansal shared the same on his Twitter handle. He even shared photographs of dogs with the officials but nothing productive happened.

Residents who live near the park behind Sadbhavna Apartments Sector 22 are scared of going outside due to the fear of dogs. People have said that dog bite cases happen more in parks.

Prem Bihari Mishra, general secretary of Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi who resides in Chitrakoot Apartments, was also a victim of a dog bite. He said, “It was Sunday and I was going to buy milk from the market. As soon as I reached around a park, a white coloured dog attacked me.”

In a meeting with authority people, RWA's, residents and social organisations raised this issue with them. They said SDMC should sterilise and vaccinate the dogs so that their population decreases.