UPDATED: Gardenia Glamour residents clash over construction of boundary wall
UPDATED: Gardenia Glamour residents clash over construction of boundary wall
Ashish Srivastava
UPDATED: Gardenia Glamour residents clash over construction of boundary wall
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UPDATED: Gardenia Glamour residents clash over construction of boundary wall

Construction of a boundary wall has become a feudal point between the residents of Gardenia Glamour, a high rise in Vasundhara, Sector 3.

The society is divided into two phases, commonly known as phase I and phase II. The purpose of raising a boundary wall is to demarcate land between the two phases. However, the decision has become a ground of civil war inside the society. While the residents of phase I are demanding the construction of the boundary wall, the residents of phase II are opposing it, alleged the residents of Phase II.

The situation became so grim on 21st August that the residents had to approach the police to intervene. On Wednesday, 21st August, the Apartments Owners Association (AOA) of phase I submitted a written complaint against residents of phase II in Indirapuram Police Station. In the complaint, the AOA alleged residents of phase II for forcibly removing the pillars built for the construction of the boundary wall.

But why the residents of phase I are adamant on demarcation? Gardenia India Limited had developed Gardenia Glamour society on plot no. SPL-2 of GH-3, where more than 280 families started living in 2011. However, the company bought another plot, SPL-3 of GH-3, adjacent to Gardenia Glamour, and started developing towers with a capacity of 300 flats. The project was ready by 2016 and the residents were offered possession as well. However, the company treats both the plots as one housing society, claimed the residents. This was the beginning of the issue.

The residents of phase I alleged that the builder kept them in dark and did not inform them about the extension of the society. “While purchasing the flats, we were not told that the society will have two phases,” an AOA official said.

Further, the AOA official alleged, “The residents of phase II started using the amenities like clubhouse, park, gym etc of phase I but they pay maintenance charge to the builder and not us. Besides, there is an open access between phase I and phase II.”

“Anyone can enter phase I anytime without any security check,” the AOA official added.

“We have seen many thefts in society in the past. Since there is no boundary wall, therefore any miscreant can enter phase I from phase II and can commit a crime easily. This is the state of security here. We will have to suffer if the boundary wall is not constructed,” said Ashok Vardhan, vice president of the AOA.

“Moreover, why should we allow them (phase II residents) to use phase I amenities when they are paying maintenance charge to the builder rather than AOA,” asked Vardhan.

“This is why we want a boundary wall to be built because we want our society to be secured. Even though Awas Vikas Parishad (Civic body looking after municipality services in Vasundhara) gave a nod for the construction of the boundary wall, yet, the builder is not allowing and directing his men to disrupt the construction process,” added Vardhan.

However, this allegation was refuted by few residents of the society. VK Rao, General Secretary of social welafare of Gardenia Glamour phase 2 said that the allegation of using amenities of phase I is completely baseless.

"We have our own amenities. Why do we need to go to them? And why should we pay maintenance charges to them (AOA of phase I) when we are not using their amenities,” questioned Rao.

“Both the projects are different. We have our own amenities, while they have their own amenities. We pay to the builder for our own amenities,” Rao added.

Besides, a case between AVP and the builder is running in Allahabad High Court regarding non payment of land dues amounting in crores by the builder.

CitySpidey tried to reach MK Ray, director of Gardenia India Ltd, but our calls and messages went unanswered.

The AOA has also sought protection from the police to restart the construction of boundary wall which they are yet to receive.

Note: This copy has been updated with the reactions of the residents of phase II of Gardenia Glamour