Supertech Capetown to be role model for multi point connection
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Supertech Capetown to be role model for multi point connection

The PVVNL has given a period of seven days to AOA to submit 51 per cent consent for multi-point connection

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The power distribution corporation, Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (PVVNL) has recently started the process of obtaining consent from residents of gated societies in Noida for multi-point power supply connections.

On August 27, the corporation sent a letter along with a proper format to Supertech Capetown, a high rise residential society in Noida's Sector 74, seeking residents consent for obtaining direct power supply connection from the distribution corporation.

The PVVNL through its letter has given a period of seven days to complete the procedure and after that, they will initiate the process of providing a direct connection to them. 

There has been a lot of hue and cry regarding the exorbitant charges the developer has been charging from the residents. However, after the PVVNL’s first step towards the process, the real test for obtaining an individual power supply connection at high rise apartments in Noida has just begun now. At least consent of 51 per cent of residents of society, is required to shun the current signal point connection. 

The success in obtaining the consent of 51 percent residents will now decide further courses of action and will also reveal whether residents really intend to take direct supply from power distribution corporation(PVVNL) or still route the bills through the developer or an apartment owner's association, which is presently operational in all the societies across NCR. 

The Apartment Owner's Association (AOA) of Supertech Capetown, which struggled for the charge of the fair tariff, is now trying to gather support from the residents for their welfare. The association is actively sensitising the residents to give their consent to shun the old practice of routed power supply to their flats and save their pockets from the exorbitant charges levied by the developer of the society.   

One of the social media posts on Facebook said that the AOA has moved one step further in multi-point connection. It is now your (Residents) turn to give consent to the electricity department so that our society can get the facility of multi-point connection and we, residents can get our self-free from the high cost of increasing load, high per-unit billing, and other illegal charges in our bills.

The post said that the AOA has received a time-bound notice (i.e of 7 days) for creating awareness at large regarding the submission of consents for this facility.  The AOA has also extended the facility of collecting the consents form and submitting it to the electricity department. The AOA requested the residents to download the consent form attached, fill, attach the ownership documents and submit at the AOA office. Owners not residing in society can submit directly at the electricity department, the AOA informed.

The sent letter declared that the distribution corporation will start giving a multi-point connection to the residents in the society only when 51 per cent of residents in the society share their consent for change of existing power supply system in the society. 

Obtaining consent from the majority of the residents is mandatory as per the amendment by Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission for the conversion of single-point connection to multi-point connection. 

Once residents give a green signal to the proposed change, the distribution corporation has an option to use dual register prepaid meter or smart meter for individual connection so that the objective of a single-point connection is obtained.