Greater Noida: La Residentia witnesses third lift incident in a month
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Greater Noida: La Residentia witnesses third lift incident in a month

As soon as Bhadauria entered the lift, the doors closed and stopped functioning. 

Greater Noida: La Residentia witnesses third lift incident in a month

In a span of just 28 days another lift malfunctioning incident happened in La Residentia, a multi-story residential building in Greater Noida West. The incidents have put the residents of the society in shock. On Aug 2, 2019, two women were stuck in a lift installed in tower 4 of the society. 

On Thursday,  Ranjeet Bhadauria, a resident of the society, took a lift at around 7:20 pm to reach his flat in Tower-15. As soon as he entered the lift, the doors closed and the lift stopped functioning. He alleged that he was stuck in lift for about 40 minutes.

“The doors of the lift closed when I entered it but despite repeatedly pushing the buttons it did not function. I tried opening its doors but all my efforts went in vain. Thereafter, I pressed the alarm bell and kept on pressing it but no one heard it. I panicked when I did not get any response from outside. I kept on banging the door. Thankfully, after some time a person who lives on the first floor of the same tower heard me shooting and alerted the management. Around 8:10 pm I was finally rescued,” said Bhaduaria.

Bhadauria said that it is very shocking that the security guard who was on duty was not aware of the purpose of the alarm bell. “Later when I went to the management office to enquire why no one heard the alarm bell, I got a very shocking reply. The security guard said that he heard the bell sound but he was not aware that it is for some emergency. I asked the management what kind of a security system is it where the guard is not aware of the alarm bell? The management then asked the security guard to take off the uniform and leave the job, which he did,” Bhaduaria added.

The resident further said that instead of accepting their mistake, the management department chose to suspend the poor guard. “This shows the kind of security and management system we have in our society. If proper training is not given to the security guards, then how will they know about the security system available inside the society” Bhaduaria concluded.