Create, bring home your own eco-friendly Ganesha this year!
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Create, bring home your own eco-friendly Ganesha this year!

Because it is fun! and it also helps the environment.

Create, bring home your own eco-friendly Ganesha this year!

People across Delhi NCR are ready to chant 'Ganpati Bappa Morya' out loud, as the festivity of Ganesh Chaturthi is about to begin. Also known as ‘Vinayaka Chaturthi,' the festival marks the birth of our favourite and beloved elephant-god, Lord Ganesha. This year, the celebrations of Bappa's birth will begin from September 02.

Families celebrating the festivity welcome the small idols of Lord Ganesha at their premises and massive idols are installed at elaborated pandals installed in various communities. However, most of the giant idols are made of Plaster of Paris (PoP) that damages our environment. But with the passing time, people and small-scale pujas are opting for eco-friendly idols.

Considering the damages that PoP causes to nature, people nowadays are opting for eco-friendly Ganesha idols. In order to educate people about eco-friendly idols people like Monika Singh and brother-sister duo, Rambha Verma & Rajesh Maurya are putting their efforts to make our world a better and safer place.

Monika Singh

A member of Dwarka Moms, Monika Singh, is one of those who are known for their art of creating eco-friendly clay idols. She started her initiative three years ago after a personal experience in which she created a lord Ganesha’s idol with clay. Later, she worshipped it and kept it with her. The whole experience of making the idol and then worshiping it made Singh teach others.

(Middle) Monika Singh making the idols with her students 

“One day I was working with the clay and somehow, I ended up making Lord Ganesha’s idol. I was emotional at that time and decided to worship the idol during that year's Ganesh Chaturthi. Since then, the feeling has been the same. In fact, the dedication of making idols with natural clay and then using them in the garden has become stronger,” said Monika Singh.

Singh currently teaches the art of clay idols to all age groups. However, in the beginning, her classes were majorly attended by children. With time passing, the number of her students are increasing.

Getting raw materials:

“Getting good quality raw material can be a tedious task, but luckily I have found a potter who sells rich clay at affordable prices,” said Singh while she explained about arranging the raw materials.

Rambha Verma & Rajesh Maurya

Like Singh, the brother-sister duo, Rambha Verma & Rajesh Maurya, are also working for a clean environment. They hold classes at their art studio based in Sector 52, Noida, under the brand, ’Clay n Colours Art Studio’. Looking at the degrading condition of our environment, Verma & Maurya decided to contribute their bit to save the planet.

(Above) Rambha Verma teaching her student

“Mother Earth and the nature around us is the creation of god, while we want to celebrate and worship God, we unknowingly are destroying his very creations, we believe we should worship and protect nature while keeping our traditions alive and meaningful,” told Rajesh Maurya to CitySpidey.

Meanwhile, Rambha Verma said,” Amongst all participants, children are most excited to be a part of such an initiative. They understand the need for such measures and want to contribute to it.”

Getting raw materials:

The duo prefers ordering the raw materials via online. Rajesh explains,” it's hard to get a good quality of clay in the market. Therefore, we decided to order it online,” said Maurya.

Idol immersion:

Idols made of clay causes no harm to the environment. These idols are easily dissolved in a bucket or in any vessel. Keeping the view in mind both, Singh and Verma & Maurya, place plant seeds in their idols so that a new plant is planted with each idol immersion. Later, the clay can easily be shifted to an open ground where the seed can turn into a plant.

Why opt for eco-friendly idols?

Because it is fun! playing with clay and creating something new, which also benefits the environment is a win-win situation for all of us.