GreNo: Gaur City-2 residents annoyed over basement turned into dump yard

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 02, 2019

The residents of 10th Avenue in Greater Noida’s Gaur City-2 have alleged that their basement has turned into an open dump yard by the management.

According to the residents, the society’s waste management plant is located in their apartment’s basement. The solid waste is segregated into recyclable and non-recyclable waste in the plant and then it is sent out. However, since few months the basement has become an open garbage disposal site.

A resident speaking to our reporter said, “The smell which the waste emits is intolerable. I have a covered parking but to avoid the basement, I have been parking my car in open.”

The resident added that even when the waste is sent out for disposal, the bad odour lingers around.

“Many infectious insects and flies can be found around the waste. We have children who come to the basement. Some adults don’t have good immune system and the waste keeps lying around for weeks,” he added.

“There are trucks loaded with open solid waste parked in the basement,” the resident said.

The waste management plant is managed by a third party named SVM Infraestate private limited. The basement has a dedicated room for this purpose yet the labours engaged in the disposal have been using the parking space to load the waste and leave it open.

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