Gurugram: Muddy, greywater supply irks Sector 69,70, 70A residents

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 02, 2019

The residents of sector 69, 70 and 70A are irked with the regular supply of muddy and greywater for the last one week. They claimed that they have made several complaints to the civic authorities but they are still waiting for the corrective measure on the issues.

A resident, Ajay Sharma, Executive Member of Tulip Ivory RWA said, "For the last one week, we are receiving muddy water in our supply and at times, greywater that has a foul smell. Initially, we thought it might be an issue from our side, therefore, we made sure that the water supply tank was scrubbed and clean. Even after cleaning the tank, we are receiving muddy water. Later, we got to know that other nearby societies are also facing similar problems. We have filed complaints with the GMDA, MCG officials but they are yet to take appropriate action on the matter."

Several people residing in the area complained about dehydration, stomach ache, skin irritation owing to the dirty water. They claimed that the water was not suitable for drinking or bathing purposes. Rajesh Jangra, a resident of Tulip Orange said, "Mud is clearly visible in the drinking water, which makes it unsafe for drinking. Such quality of water increases the risk of various vector-borne diseases. The problem has aggravated in the past week, as it is not even fit for washing clothes or bathing."

The residents claimed that such poor quality of water supply was affecting their monthly budgets. Amit Saxena, resident of Tulip White said, "The civic authority should not compromise with the health and well being of the residents. Kids are most vulnerable to water-borne diseases. The authority should take immediate action on it."  

Meanwhile, Lalit Arora, Chief Engineer of GMDA said, "We were not aware of the issue. But now we will look into the matter and appropriate action will be taken."

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